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Aug 13, 2012 He is little but Mighty......Mighty BAD! Misbehaving Mini
Aug 6, 2012 I don't know "Wither" this fits or does it make Her Ass look Fat? Saddle Fit
June 25, 2012 We are having a lot of trouble getting up to speed! Dealing with a very lazy horse
June 22, 2012 Talk About the Fear Factor? Dealing with a lack of confidence
June 12, 2012 Not Showing but need Shoeing! Shoeing and Farrier problems
June 8, 2012 Is There Some Kind of Gag Order? Using the "Gag" Bradoon
June 1, 2012 Things do not seem to be looking up! Horse that buries his head
May 25, 2012 I don't want to Curb his Enthusiasm! Lining in the curb
May 14, 2012 He doesn't Look Where He is Going Not straight in the Bridle
Apr 30, 2012 I am Having a "Bit" of a Problem Biting the fussy horse
Apr 23, 2012 She is Shaking her Tail Feather! Stopping tail rubbing
Apr 16, 2012 He "Kneeds" More Curls! Floating Front Motion
Apr 9, 2012 She said riding Saddle Seat was Ruining my horse! Discipline Dilemmas
Apr 2, 2012 Is there such a thing as "Horse Show Hands?" Dealing with Show Ring Nerves
Mar 26, 2012 Let's Play the Numbers Game Beats in the Gaits
Mar 19, 2012 All I Wanted was a Smooth Ride...Instead, I got Mr. Excitement! Busting the Bronco
Mar 5, 2012 It is Up but it Won’t Go Down High tail to Low tail
Feb 27, 2012 She Just does not Play Nice Dealing with an 11 year old "Alpha" mare
Feb 20, 2012 He Must be an AT&T Horse, He Wants to Reach out and Touch Somebody How to change a horse's "flight path"
Feb 13, 2012 Can She Learn a Second Language? Teaching the Spanish Walk
Feb 6, 2012 I Feel I Am Losing Ground Extending the Trot
Jan 30, 2012 The "Eye" Has it Dealing with the visually impaired horse
Jan 27, 2012 Well, Toto, We’re Just not in Kansas Anymore Discussing the current “health” of the Horse industry
Jan 20, 2012 “He ain’t Acting like My Buddy” Dealing with a “Foot Biter”
Dec 19, 2011 She is Very Tall but I Am Not Very High on Her Trot Training a Friesian Show Horse
Dec 12, 2011 Which shoes are right? Shoeing the Foundered horse
Dec 5, 2011 Is There No Priceline for Boarding? Cost of boarding a horse
Nov 28, 2011 "Ain't no Hill for a High Stepper!" Developing Motion
Nov 21, 2011 The "Field" Trials have been Very Trying! Stopping when hitched
Nov 14, 2011 Talk About Lip Service A horse with a constantly moving lip
Nov 7, 2011 I Am NOT Used to Retreat! Dealing with a Horse that tries to Quit
Oct 31, 2011 Do you use your Thumb to get a Catch Ride? Securing catch rides
Oct 10, 2011 Canter???? Most Colts Canter Before they Trot! Dealing with Cantering Issues
Sept 26, 2011 Saturday Night at the Movies Lessons by Video
Sept 19, 2011 He Wants to Stop and "EAT" the Roses! Correcting vices on the trail
Aug 29, 2011 Talk about Jekell and Hyde? Radical change in attitude
Aug 24, 2011 "Husky" and "Starch" Plenty of size but not many manners
Aug 22, 2011 I Seem to Have Lost my Trot and Cannot Find it Anywhere Suggestions on the "Double" Gaited Horse
Aug 15, 2011 Bolting in the Bull Pen Running off in long lines
Aug 8, 2011 I Can't Tell if She is Saying Yes or No A head tossing perpetual motion horse
Aug 1, 2011 Can She Carry the Weight? Riding the Two Year Old Horse
July 25, 2011 You Would Think He Would Be More Appreciative! Dealing with a horse that is hard to "tack" up
July 18, 2011 When does Green have Nothing to do with Ecology? What is required for a green horse to be suitable for an amateur
July 11, 2011 Can a Mustang Be a Pony? Using a vehicle to "Pony" a horse
July 4, 2011 If He Would Go Slower...I'd Have More Pleasure Slowing down the "Contest" horse
June 27, 2011 Unhappily Hairless Growing Tail Feathers
June 13, 2011 Does it Rub Them the Right way? Topical agents, do they really benefit our equines?
June 6, 2011 "Curb" Appeal From the snaffle to the curb
May 30, 2011 I Would like to take Longer Trips Suggestions for the Barn Sour Horse
May 23, 2011 My Training Issue is with My Trainer Client / Trainer Relations
May 16, 2011 This Little Guy Worries Me Dealing With an Aggressive Foal
Apr 18, 2011 The Ride is Very Bumpy Dealing with the Pacing Horse
Apr 11, 2011 Road Trip, Road Trip! Shipping the Young Horse
Mar 28, 2011 She is "Whipping" Up on Me Dealing with an aggressive Horse
Mar 21, 2011 Am I Rubbing Him the Wrong Way!!! Solving interference issues with proper hoof trimming
Mar 14, 2011 Having a Little Trouble Leading the Way Dealing with canter lead issues
Mar 7, 2011 The Equitation Equation! Selecting and Training the "EQ" horse.
Feb 28, 2011 Just Busy...No Chill! Dealing with an extremely Active horse
Feb 21, 2011 We Seem to be Having some Ups and Downs Horses that evade the bit and "over" bridle
Feb 14, 2011 When Using His Ears has Nothing to Do with Hearing Getting a pony's ears up
Feb 7, 2011 How Old is Too Old to be Young? When is a Colt not a Colt?
Jan 31, 2011 Could it be Stage Fright? Difficulty Mounting
Jan 24, 2011 I Have a "Bit" of Question Identifying a Type of Bit
Jan 20, 2011 Who Knows About the Clothes? Dealing with a "formal" dilemma
Jan 18, 2011 Driving "Mr." Daisy Starting a Horse to Drive
Jan 15, 2011 Hard to Teach Old Horse People New Tricks Dealing with a Horse who buries his head
Nov 20, 2010 The "Buck" is not Stopping Here! Chronic Bucking Problems
Nov 12, 2010 The Curb Has Me Stalled The Horse and the Stall Bridle
Nov 6, 2010 You Can Lead A Horse To Water! Working with Automatic Waterers
Oct 31, 2010 Is there a FASTER way to Slow Down? Rating the horse at the Trot and the Lope
Oct 27, 2010 And We All Fall Down Shoulder Development
Oct 24, 2010 A "Leading" Question Canter Issues
Oct 16, 2010 I Just Hate Playing "Footsie" Mannering for the Farrier
Oct 13, 2010 Hackney from Acme Characteristics of the Hackney
Oct 7, 2010 Training on a Budget Ingenuity and training tools
Oct 4, 2010 IF THE SHOE FITS Correct Shoeing Behind
Sept 20, 2010 DO YOU CHAMBRON? Explanation of the Chambron Headstall
Sept 6, 2010 Should I be Changing Horses in Mid-Stream? Which is better, BNT Barn or Small local one?
July 5, 2010 Why are They Reaching for the Sky? Equitation Position
Jun 27, 2010 How do I Know "Wither" the Saddle Fits Find the right Western Saddle
June 20, 2010 My Quarter Horse keeps laying down on the Job! Dealing with a horse that rolls while being ridden
June 16, 2010 She is Giving me the Heads Up! Tossing head
June 13, 2010 Action, Traction & Satisfaction! Proper arena footing
May 20, 2010 How do I get Tied up? How to work a horse with a tight tail
Apr 7, 2010 My Gentle Giant,,, Ain't! Dealing with an unruly Draft Horse
Apr 4, 2010 To Bounce or Not to Bounce? Naturally Gaited vs Trot
Mar 24, 2010 I Don't Think I Am Fully Equipped! Essential training equipment for the young horse
Mar 16, 2010 It Only Works When It is Broke? Liverpool bit problems
Feb 26, 2010 Cutting to the Chase The set tail of the American Saddlebred
Feb 7, 2010 I really get a Kick out of Her! Dealing with the kicking horse
Feb 3, 2010 Did You Mean Pole Bending or Poll Bending? Correctly Setting the Horse's Head
Jan 29, 2010 I Have "Spotted" a Problem Having some gaited Concerns
Dec 20, 2009 Can't Seem to get Past the First Step Dealing with a horse that is Barn or Pasture Sour
Dec 6, 2009 Should I Loosen His "Belt" Dealing with a girth bound horse
Nov 29, 2009 What's Wrong with the Worlds Champion? Human nature at its most confusing
Nov 22, 2009 There is No Academy Award for This Bogie! Going forward, fitting a bridle, tongue
Nov 18.2009 Have You Hugged a Bunny Today? Antiquated breaking methods
Nov 6, 2009 This Topic Keeps Rearing Its Ugly Head!!! Rearing
Oct 27, 2009 My Horse Blossom Why she is not "Hocky"
Oct 20, 2009 Every Day it Seems... Is Halloween!! Dealing with a spooky pony or horse
Oct 11, 2009 First Haircut! Clipping weanling
Oct 4, 2009 Featherless Rubbed out tail feathers
Sept 21, 2009 How old does a horse have to be to break it to ride it? (Lost Post) Age to break to ride
Sept 18, 2009 How "Fast" is the "Slow" Gait? How did we lose the Slow Gait and where did it Go?
Sept 12, 2009 Is More Less or is Less More? Effects of weight and length and package in shoeing
Aug 27, 2009 From LFL to You
from the American Saddlebred World's Championship
Aug 15, 2009 Becoming a Horse Trainer Advice to a prospective trainer
Aug 11, 2009 Need an Explanation for My Consternation about Bit Application! Bridling a Difficult Horse
July 31, 2009 How the Divisions Divide! Finding the right division for your horse
July 28, 2009 She has really got me over a Barrel! improving a Gymkhana horse
July 26, 2009 I Seem to have Ying and Yang! What to do when horses are inseparable
July 21, 2009 She Just wants to "Ranter" and "Rot" Dealing with the soft trotting Horse
July 14, 2009 Is there "Hair Club" for Horses? Keeping tail feathers while wearing a tail-set
July 12, 2009 We Seem to have a Hitch in our "Get Along" Hitching behind
July 8, 2009 How the Heck Did They Do That? Unusual Head Set
July 5, 2009 Having a little Trouble with Our Entrance and Exit! Dealing with a horse that bolts through the gate at a show
July 1, 2009 I Think it is a "Commission" of a Crime! Commissions
Jun 27, 2009 I Have the Horse but I Need a Partner! The ins and outs of Consignment
Jun 25, 2009 We are Having Some "Costume" Issues! Selecting the proper harness for the division
Jun 23, 2009 After Conferring with Dr Bristol, I need a Second Opinion! Moving to the curb
Jun 21, 2008 Is there Some Reason He is Going a "Bit" Fast? Dealing with a horse that grabs the bit with his teeth
Jun 17, 2009 DO WE NEED NIKES OR LEBRON'S Corrective Shoeing Tips
Jun 15, 2009 The Front Room Looks Terrific but the Kitchen is a Mess! Ways to improve hocks
Jun 10, 2009 He Just Wants to Pace Himself Dealing with the "Double Gaited" horse
Jun 7, 2009 I Find No Pleasure in this Tale Dealing with crooked tails
May 26, 2009 Slashing Teeth, Lightning Hooves and Raging Hormones! Dealing with a dangerous breeding stallion
May 22, 2009 I'd Like to see some "Change" from my Quarter Horse! Dealing with lack of respect, ill-mannered, belligerent, mean
May 17, 2009 At Last..the Secret is Finally Revealed! My Grooming procedure for the Horse Show
May 11, 2009 The Really Big Question! What is the correct Draft Harness?
May 8, 2009 My Reining Horse Thinks He's A Race Horse Developing the Lope
May 5, 2009 There is Some Interference Here! Shoeing a horse that goes close behind
May 1, 2009 I Don't Know What "Tail" to Tell American Saddlebreds and Tail "Nicking"
Apr 28, 2009 She Won't Give Me the Nod! Setting the Walking Horse's head
Apr 23, 2009 He Might Have "Motion" Sickness! Dealing with a horse lacking talent and drive.
Apr 20, 2009 I'd Like a Standing Ovation! Stand up crupper for a "Green" tail
Apr 17, 2009 I want my Saddle to be Full of Sit? saddle size
Apr 12, 2009 Why Do Horses Seem To Be Getting More Expen$ive? cost of horses
Apr 7, 2009 To Walk Or Trot.. that is the Question Differences between Walking Horses and Saddlebreds
Apr 4, 2009 How can I convince Myself I am Having Fun? Dealing with a Frightening horse
Apr 1, 2009 Care and building of a Stone Sled Stone Sled
Mar 28, 2009 I Think We Have Gotten the Shaft! Dealing with serious driving issues
Mar 26, 2009 Well..Shut My Mouth! Dealing with the over active mouth
Mar 24, 2009 To Commit or not to Commit Lessons Necessary for Creditable Showing
Mar 22, 2009 Thank you in a "Big" Way From LFL weight
Mar 20, 2009 The Infamous Rearing Issue Revisited!!!! rearing
Mar 10, 2009 This kind of Lockjaw is not Fatal....But! Cold jawed, Hard mouth horse
Mar 7, 2009 Are we Legal? Liniment Legalities
Mar 5, 2009 We are getting Nowhere Fast! Dealing with a balky horse
Mar 3, 2009 I've been having my ups and Downs! Dealing with the Big Trot
Mar 1, 2009 Harness Lesson FIELD TRIP Driving Disasters
Feb 26, 2009 He Rears but He's Close to the Ground rearing
Feb 25, 2009 Clubbed Foot Clubbed feet
Feb 22, 2009 The Wrong Kind of Heavy Breathing Dealing with Wind Problems
Feb 18, 2009 Do We Have Another Black Stallion? Determining Breeding potential
Feb 15, 2009 I Love Him....Butt We Have a Problem! Dealing with Skin Abrasions
Feb 13, 2009 He wears a size 8 1/2 D Shoeing for different disciplines
Feb 11, 2009 I just can't take Her Anywhere Hard to load in the trailer
Feb 9, 2009 The Horse doesn't scare me so much as I am Scared of Him Overcoming fears
Feb 6, 2009 Dumb Jockey using a dumb jockey
Feb 4, 2009 Walk-less in Seattle Refusing to walk, the Barn-bound horse
Feb 2, 2009 How High Is Too High? The Rearing Horse
Jan 26, 2009 Would Like Both Ends to Meet Gait Correction and balancing a Hackney Pony
Jan 25, 2009 And they Called the thing Rodeo Another bucking pony
Jan 24, 2009 Hand to Mouth Importance of Hands when driving
Jan 15, 2009 His Tongue is not as Busy Follow-up on tongues and open mouths
Jan 6, 2009 Horse Tossing Head head tossing
Dec 30, 2008 Spooking Horse spooking
Dec 24, 2008 We are Having a "Little" Mouth Problem Open Mouth When Driving
Dec 19, 2008 BABY STEPS Starting the Yearling
Dec 16, 2008 Don't "Curb" the Enthusiasm When to start in double bridle
Dec 14, 2008 He's got the Sack Desensitizing the young horse
Dec 11, 2008 Is the Canter a Four Beat Gait? Slipping from the canter to the rack
Dec 9, 2008 First "trip" to the Dentist
Dec 8, 2008 Saddlebred Rescue Needs Our Support
Dec 3, 2008 He's Really got a Mouth on Him! Correcting a young horse that nips
Nov 28, 2008 RAPID IN MISSOURI Too fast at the Canter
Nov 25, 2008 She is Progressing at the Wrong Pace
Nov 23, 2008 Are We on Thin Ice? Dealing with old injuries and working out doors
Nov 20, 2008 We Got Clipped, Clipping trimming
Nov 16, 2008 I am Having a "Bit" of Trouble Correct way to bridle a Horse
Nov 14, 2008 FIELD TRIP- Camel Dressage Impressive Video on YouTube
Nov 12, 2008 Should I get Him tickets to Black Beauty? Training the young horse without souring him
Nov 7, 2008 Can "EWE" Help His Neck? Effects of Training on Conformation
Nov 3, 2008 He is Racking and Trotting Perfectly, but I don't Know about His Rear End? injecting hocks
Nov 1, 2008 I would Like to get Her "Gate-ed" turning out
Oct 29, 2008 He's Sitting Down on the Job! sitting down, mounting
Oct 27, 2008 He's Steeling some Speed controlling speed
Oct 24, 2008 Two in the Hand Showing In Hand
Oct 22, 2008 Dealing With the Casanova Complex
Oct 20, 2008 He is Really Fast.... with the One Leg Dealing with an un square Road Horse
Oct 18, 2008 He does not Work and Play Well with Others! Bad Behavior in the Pasture
Oct 15, 2008 We Made a Sawdust Pile out of a Mole Hill! relaxing the horse
Oct 11, 2008 When is it Time to Serve the Wine? two year olds, starting, showing
Oct 9, 2008 Houston, we have Lift-off canter issues, bucking
Oct 3, 2008 It's Almost a Tie..Horse 3 Trainers 2 early training, changing trainers
Oct 1, 2008 She Just Hates the Beauty Shop trimming, washing issues
Sept 26, 2008 A Boy and His Pony light hearted Q&A between friends!
Sept 23, 2008 "Wild" Bill or "Sweet" William gelding
Sept 19, 2008 He's Just Strutting His Stuff Flight Path, Toe Flipping, Shoeing
Sept 14, 2008 At A Crossroad being a trainer
Sept 13, 2008 They seem to be Stuck in "Park" Dealing with Balking, Propping, Barn Sour, Barn Bound
Sept 9, 2008 He's a Four Gaited Mr. Excitement! relaxing the "tight" horse
Sept 7, 2008 She's real Swell first aid, treating injuries, establishing severity
Sept 5, 2008 Caution..."Curbs" Ahead! curb bit, bits, setting head
Sept 3, 2008 This question is "Driving" me Crazy! driving, conditioning, boredom
Sept 1, 2008 I Don't Care if he Drinks the Water or Not.. I just want to Lead Him! leading, behavior
Aug 30, 2008 Restart Older rider
Aug 28, 2008 We have a lot of Whoa..but no Go Correcting the Stable bound horse
Aug 24, 2008 If the Olympics offered Pulling, We could Win! Dealing with a hard mouthed horse
Aug 16, 2008 1-800-JENNY importance of conditioning
Aug 9, 2008 What a Tacky Question! Martingales and various other pieces of equipment
Aug 6, 2008 Is It My Fault He's Out of Step? out of balance horse, shoeing, consequences of changes
Aug 4, 2008 My Little Guy has Taken the Lead foal training
Aug 3, 2008 Which Colt Gets Checkmated? form to function, conformation vs motion
July 23, 2008 We're having Trouble Cowboy-ing Up Western pleasure, lope, jog, neck reining
July 20, 2008 We can Win the One legged Race Shoeing, not square, pitching foot
July 15, 2008 He's Got a Lot of Nerve Neurectomy, Soundness Treatment
July 7, 2008 Important Information about Cushing's Medication - Pergolide Cushings, Pergolide
July 3, 2008 Which Halter "Top" Should She wear? showing, 4H
June 30, 2008 She still Needs Rescuing Health: Cushings syndrome, diagnosis, treatment, lameness
June 27, 2008 We think she has Whiplash Dealing with an old Injury
Jun 25, 2008 He is just Swishing all Over (His tail, at flies that is) Grooming: insect repellant
Jun 24, 2008 The Old Hat Trick (Attire for the show ring) Attire: for the show ring
Jun 22, 2008 But You got to Love 'Em? Vices: Driving, kicking
Jun 21, 2008 Not Hoof in Mouth... but Hands to Mouth Equitation: Impact of Equitation on Horse
Jun 19, 2008 Is there a School Horse School for Schooling the School Horse? Canter: issues and coping with them
Jun 18, 2008 Slow and Steady is not Winning the Race! Conformation: how differences affect performance
Jun 17, 2008 He likes Her way Better than Me! Vices: dealing with the unmannered herd bound horse
Jun 16, 2008 So now you want to be Dale Evans? Training: Teaching neck rein
Jun 12, 2008 He's Not AS Loud But... Training: Double Bridle and mouth issues
Jun 9, 2008 No Foot, No Rack Training: Shoeing and balancing a horse for the rack
Jun 7, 2008 My Running Martingale ain't Running Fast Enough Conditioning: Thoroughbred racing issues
Jun 3, 2008 Fillies do the "Darnedest" Things Breaking to Ride: correcting mistakes
May 27, 2008 They Call Her Lefty Training: Dealing with mouth issues in young horses, dental
May 26, 2008 One in the Hand Showing: The Arabian in hand
May 25, 2008 SHE WHIPPED THE "TAG TEAM" Training: Canter issues, vices, gaining confidence
May 24, 2008 He Was a Crabtree Student, Once! Training: Canter issues, soundness
May 19, 2008 I Have an Empty Mare Breeding: Barren mare, Artificial Insemination, Shipping semen
May, 16, 2008 MOUNT"ING" EVEREST Training: Not standing to mount, vices
May 12, 2008 Here a Wick There a Wick, Everywhere a Wick ,Wick Training: Bits and bridling
May 11, 2008 Never to Old to Wean Vices: Dealing with the herd bound horse
May 9, 2008 It's a "Bit" of Lip Service Training: Bits, Bridling, Curb, Morgan
May 8, 2008 Grazing Rights Rescue: Behavior
May 4, 2008 My Eight Year Old has Attitude Training: Dressage, Lippazzan, Biting, Snaffle
May 3, 2008 I don't want to win the Derby Training: Canter, Bridle, Martingale, Relaxation
May 1, 2008 Putting a Horse Back to Work Vices: Retraining, Stall pacing, Running off
Apr 30, 2008 Country Pleasure Mare That Leaps into Her Canter Training: Correcting and Setting up to canter, Relaxation, Show ring mistakes
Apr 25, 2008 I want an ASB not a PBR! Vices: Bucking, Saddle fit, Thyrol-l, Chriopracter
Apr 24, 2008 I’ve Lost my Rear End Vices: Bucking, Saddle fit, Thyrol-l, Chriopracter
Apr 24, 2008 What Goes Up Will Stay Up and Other Tails Grooming: Tail Care, Newly Nicked tails
Apr 23, 2008 A Split Decision / The Trouble with Shoeing Shoeing: Bad feet, Hoof Cracks, Hoof Dressing, Gait analysis
Apr 22, 2008 Shoes Off The Rack Shoeing: Keg Shoes vs. Handmade Shoes
Apr 22, 2008 Where did the Trot Go and How Do I Get it Back Training: Gaiting
Apr 22, 2008 But I Want to Go Round in Circles! Vices: Canter, guiding, Country Pleasure
Apr 19, 2008 I’ve got the Sales slip but They Won’t Take Returns Training: Auction horse, Balking, going the other way
Apr 17, 2008 A DIY Fixer Upper Training: Bridle problems, teeth, out of control, shoeing
Apr 17,.2008 The Jaws of Life are Crooked Training: Cocked jaw, bridling, suppling, cavessons, teeth
Apr 15, 2008 I want to Take It Higher! Training: Motion, devices, showing, Country Pleasure, Judging
Apr 14, 2008 I Tried Writing to Joan Rivers (On Sarcoids) Health: Treating Sarcoid tumors
Apr 13, 2008 Talk about the Bronx Cheer! Training: Tongue lolling, Bridle, Bit, Tying tongue
Apr 8, 2008 Could She be Anorexic? Health: Thin, Nervous horse, Stall walker, treating anxiety, gaining weight, feeds
Apr 8, 2008 Too Tall Paul Health: Lack of coordination in a young horse, How to diagnose, probable causes and treatments
Mar 22, 2008 I’m a Little “Spotty” on the Rules Shoeing: Regulations for Country Pleasure
Mar 22, 2008 If I Wanted to do the “Airs Above Ground”I would have bought a Lipizzan Vices: Rearing, Buying at Auction
Jan 25, 2008 To Ride Or Not To Ride? Conformation: Training, Showing, Harness vs Saddle
Jan 11, 2008 Left and Right not the Same Flight Shoeing: Dished foot, Balance, Flight Path
Jan 8, 2008 He’s a Loudmouth Training: Curb bit, dentistry, severity, leverage, history
Jan 4, 2008 Would like to Progress and Graduate Training: Progressing to Curb Bit
Jan 1, 2008 She Keeps Saying No Training: Bits, Dentistry, Diagnosis of Dental issues

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