Lavery’s “Old Tyme” grooming products have their roots in the Ireland of 100 years ago. The recipes and formulas were brought to this country around the turn of the century by Lonnie’s grandfather, R.T. Lavery. Each product has been used by over four generations of the Lavery family and thus, they have been well tested and improved upon by these very successful trainers of many breeds. From the race track to the show ring or pen, from Standardbreds to Thoroughbreds, Saddlebreds Hackneys, Morgans to Arabs, all of these “Old Tyme” products have proven to be invaluable in the conditioning of performance horses. Just as L.F. Lavery has decided to share his vast knowledge of horses by assisting horse people through his web site and his consulting service, he is proud to finally make these products available to the public.

Lavery’s Old Tyme Tail Balm
("Quart" Spray Bottle - $16.95 + Shipping & Handling)

Perhaps our most popular product, Tail Balm, when applied daily, not only promotes and stimulates healthy hair growth but also acts to condition, retard itching and therefore rubbing, while leaving the tail hair soft and pliable without the usual greasy build up associated with other products. Tail Balm is used very sparingly and should be vigorously rubbed into the tailbone with any excess on your fingertips then drawn through the longer hair. One bottle should last several months.

“Almost immediately after applying Tail Balm, one horse who constantly rubbed the hair on his tail out, stopped and has not started rubbing again. I’ve tried everything but this stuff works! I now use it on all my horses.”
Steve Demjen, Ohio Horse Trainer, owner of Steve Demjen Stables

Lavery’s Old Tyme Bit Sweet
(Pint bottle - $6.75 + Shipping & Handling)

For a horse to perform at his best and to give you the best ride possible, his mouth must be responsive, supple and comfortable. One great way to assure this is by using Bit Sweet. Used each time the horse is bridled, just a small “squirt” of the product in the horse’s mouth encourages the horse to use his mouth and accept the bit in such a way as to promote correct movement of the tongue with the bits, thus inhibiting a dry mouth that is associated with cold, locked and crooked jawed behavior. It is very pleasant tasting and smelling and many horses consider it a treat.

“I started using Bit Sweet just to see if it might help a couple of problem horses I was training. The difference it made in their mouths was unbelievable. I now use it on every horse I work.”
Jenny Taylor, Ohio Horse Trainer and co-owner of Memory Lane Stables

Lavery’s Old Tyme Fly Away
("Quart" Spray Bottle - $10.50 + Shipping & Handling)

Made without the dangerous and hazardous chemicals currently associated with today’s insect repellent products, Fly Away relies on tried and true natural ingredients to get the job done. It is a pleasant smelling and very effective alternative to virtual poisons in use today. Just spray it over your horse’s body and tail, spray it on a cloth to use around his head and eyes, and then enjoy hours of protection from those pesky insects. You may use it in good conscience, and because of its low price, very liberally.

“Here in Florida, a fly spray that works is an important part of every trainer’s “kit”. Fly Away works remarkably well in this climate that is a veritable incubator for insects. With over 40 horses on our place we will order it by the case next fly season.”
Pam Roush – Florida Horse Trainer and owner of Avalon Stables

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